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Welcome to #AutismAwarenessInDarts

Owner’s Welcome

Welcome to the official website for the new non-for-profit organisation, Autism Awareness in Darts. Autism is something that is very common amongst many people across the world, including myself. Therefore, I have decided to take action and will try and raise as much awareness of autism as possible in the world of darts.

Have a look at the mission statement I have created for Autism Awareness in Darts, which highlights what I want the ideal world to be like for those who have autism. It is important that autistic people are treated equally and should not be discriminated for something that is beyond their control.

Of course, this non-for-profit organisation couldn’t be done alone. I am extremely delighted and thankful to have darting figures in both the sport’s media and professional darts competitors, who will be helping out as ambassadors who would help me in raising awareness of autism via multiple of different methods. Some of which includes social media, wearing #AutismAwarenessInDarts related products and help raise awareness in general by supporting people with autism who are fans of the sport, as well as supporting those who are not as well. As well as this, I also am extremely delighted and thankful to have darts enthusiasts who want to help out as ambassadors too, who have all the shared aim of raising awareness across the globe and do the exact same as the darting figures ambassadors.

Founded – June 2020